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Over the last 6 months Helikon-Tex has continued to impress me with their value, good designs and functional gear/clothing/equipment and after much use, it is time to share my Agenda-Free review of the Woodsman Anorak Jacket.

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Price : Retail $94

Weight : Around 1.7lbs for Medium size

Materials : 55% Polyester, 23% Cotton, 19% Nylon, 3% Elastane

Sizes : WX/Regular – XL Regular

Colors : Lots of Colors including numerous color combos which I really like

Features :

 Made of DuraCanvas® fabric

 Additional gussets made of StormStretch® fabric

 Large kangaroo pocket with internal organizer

 Adjustable hood

 Adjustable cuffs with hook&loops

 Ventilation zippers in armpits

 YKK® zippers

Based on the Mistral Anorak, Woodsman Anorak jacket is made of DuraCanvas® – the fabrics more suitable for outdoor and camping. The front is made of DuraCanvas® fabric, therefore it is fire-spark resistant and durable enough not to be damaged by sharp objects and branches. The back of the jacket was made of StormStretch® fabric, to provide higher breathability and better freedom of movement. The whole jacket is highly wind resistant. Woodsman anorak has three pockets, including one kangaroo on the front with internal organizer. Sides are fully zippered up to the arm pits to provide easy don and doff. The side zippers can also be used as ventilation. Additionally the jacket has adjustable, hood with visor.

Review Pros :

Top notch quality

Excellent design

Good Value

Excellent hood which is adjustable in all of the ways that it needs to be.

Material is excellent for blocking wind, keeping you slightly warm and is very breathable.

Material is also a little stretchy which makes it more comfortable for daily use and activities.

Zippers are excellent; they aren’t sticky, flow easily and don’t get caught.

Plenty of pulls to get the fit that you specifically want/need.

It layers very well with small insulative under layers – fleece sweaters, flannels, etc.

Chest pocket is excellent and offers a lot of space.

Size zips are awesome and make putting the jacket on easy; this is important, as a muscular guy, putting on some Anoraks can be difficult. The sides of the jacket zip from the hip all the way to the arms pits. Zips go from arm pit bottom of jacket.

The side zips serve three purposes:
Ease of putting it on and taking it off, ventilation and ease of access to belt warn items

The materials used in the Anorak are water and spark resistant which make it perfect for those who spend a lot of time next to a fire.

Water resistant, but not waterproof. It wouldn’t replace your raingear – Can be impregnated with wax but you will loose breathability. If you have never done this before, it can be a chore and I tend not to do it. For something to be made waterproof takes a lot of time and attention; miss a spot and you’ll get wet.

Kangaroo pocket features internal organization and a D-ring.

Review Cons :

Cons? Hmmm, there really aren’t any…

No hip pockets – this really isn’t a con but more a trade off; you forgo the hip pockets for the chest kangaroo pocket.

Summary :

I absolutely love this piece of clothing and it is perfectly suited for how I like to dress;

It makes for an excellent companion for a wide range of uses including hiking, camping, backpacking, bushcraft and in general daily life. I personally wear this jacket on a daily basis, I wear my Fjallraven Barent Trousers on a daily basis and if doesn’t matter where I am heading. The point being that such equipment is comfortable for the trail and life use.

I mentioned Fjallraven and I have to say that I have been a fan of their gear for a long time and finding a company who makes gear as good is difficult but Helikon Tex fits the bill. Their quality is just as good, their designs are even better in many ways and their prices, are fair more reasonable. If Fjallraven made this jacket, it would easily cost $300-$400+ or more. By the way, I say that because Fjallraven does make Anoraks and they literally cost that much.

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