UK Bushcraft Wildcamping By A Lake- Flint And Steel Fire, Campfire Cooking, Cold Wild Swimming.

Hello again everyone and welcome once again!!

This week I went for a 2 nighter with Bellows Ben after doing some overtime at work.
I found this spot last summer and found someones campfire ashes and their Y sticks that had been used for pot hanger…
Ben fancied a camp with a view so i thought of this spot after wanting to camp here for ages myself.
We ate like kings as always and sank a few wet ones.
We got quite bushcrafty and practised some survival skills.. Firelighting.. Pipe making.. cold water swimming…cooking and foraging.

Big thanks to DD Hammocks for my new tarp! Legends!

Thanks to everyone who watched my videos, im no expert of bushcraft instructor or anything,,, im just completely mad for it. i love everything about the outdoors but practising a bit of bushcraft is what i love learning and practising the most.

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Its just me filming what im doing out in the woods… it isn’t meant for education or anything like that but if you pick up a few tips then that’s awesome.

Thanks for watching,


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