Backpacking and Wild Camping for Beginners – Part 2 – How to Progress!

This video is to about backpacking and wild camping for beginners with the aim to help people start out and progress to their first camping trip away. This video looks at additional backpacking gear to buy and where to go camping in the UK. This is Part 2 of 3. This video goes through how to go from garden and local camping onto camping in national parks throughout the UK.

My favourite National Parks are The Lake District and Snowdonia. However, I still really like the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales and there are many other beautiful parks across the country to choose from. Starting out, I would recommend going to the nearest National Park to you.

Part 1 looked at the absolute basics of camping and backpacking gear.

Part 3 will look at higher end and weatherproof backpacking gear and camping in remote locations.

Checkout my reviews for help with what and where to buy from:
Backpacking Gear on Amazon:
Backpacking Gear on Go Outdoors:
Backpacking Gear on Decathlon:

Camperlists is a great place to buy Naturehike and 3F UL Gear, it’s very cheap and takes approx 7 days to arrive but the savings are huge

Links to budget gear on Amazon:
Trekology Pillow
MSR Pocket Rocket Stove
Soto Windmaster Stove
Budget Cookset
Vango Cookset
USB Head Torch

Backpacking Tents:
Naturehike Mongar 2 Tent (£155)
Naturehike Cloud Up 1 Tent (£115)
Naturehike Cloud Up 2 (£155)
Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 (£189) Tent
Bessport Tent (from £59)
Forceatt Camping Tent (£72)

Camping Sleeping Mats and Sleeping Pads:
Trekology 80 mat (£44)
Trekology 50 mat (£28)
OEX OEX Traverse IMX (£42)
Yellowstone Insulated Foam Roll Mat (£10)

Backpacking Sleeping bags (Seasons 2, 3 & 4):
OEX Fathom EV 200 (£35)
OEX Fathom EV 300 (£41)
OEX Fathom EV 400 (£53)

MYMM 50L Backpack (£28)
Outlife Hiking 60L Backpack
HOMIEE 50L (£35)
Freiesoldaten 60L (£37)
SKYSPER 50L (£38)

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Thanks, Andy.

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Please note the amazon link is what everyone sees and pays but I receive a miniscule finders fee when people use the link. It all goes back into backpacking gear!

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