Top 10 Adventure Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day



Top 10 Adventure Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

While I appreciate and show my love for those in my life regularly, I think it’s nice to have one day a year that symbolizes the relationships we have in our lives.

In saying that, if you’re going to do anything on Valentine’s Day, show off your personality!

Ditch the expensive dinner and a movie and do something different!

Honestly, these Valentine’s date ideas could be spent with just about anyone, whether they’re your significant other or not. Valentine’s Day is meant to be spent with those you love, whoever that may be, even if that person happens to be yourself.

Here are 10 adventure date ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Gun Range

This is a classic for those who enjoy firearms sports. My husband and I have gone on many range dates. Your local range may even be holding a special Valentine’s Day event so be sure to check around. Or simply head out to public land and enjoy dinner and brass at sunset.


If you have an offroading vehicle, take the day off and hit the dirt. If you’re interested in doing it with a group, check out some local offroading groups and see if they have any events going on. Otherwise, if you live in an area with public land, check local trail maps or just go exploring.


I have to mention a good ol’ hike! We love going hiking just about any time, but it seems extra special on Valentine’s Day as we make it a whole event. We bring a picnic, hike to the top of a small peak, and enjoy the view.


Whether you’re in the north or south, you can go fishing! Whether it’s ice fishing or regular ol’ fishing in fresh or saltwater, this will surely be a fun time. Bring some water, snacks, and some fun stories to tell to pass the time.

Make a Fire Together and Cook Over It

This is a simple idea that can be done in most places, even in a backyard firepit. Make a fire and cook a nice hot meal over it. It’ll be so fun to bond over this experience and to enjoy the evening together over a roaring fire.

Go geocaching

We did this one year and it was a huge blast. We found so many geocaches by using an app. We went all over the place to find these cool little caches, it even made us want to hide our own. Such a fun time.

Nerf war

Whether indoor or outdoor, this is a lot of fun to run around and shoot darts at one another. Set up barricades and an obstacle course, it really is a blast!

Survival in the woods

Head out to the woods and build a primitive shelter, look for wild edibles, track animals, melt snow, find running water and purify it, and build a fire. Be primitive for a day or night and learn how to lean on nature and each other.

Throw axes or knives

This is truly fun. There are designated places that you can do this at, but if you have some property, you could easily set up your own target and learn to throw knives or axes!

Editor’s note: Be sure you have a good, harmonious relationship before choosing this activity

Just drive

Drive in a direction you’ve never gone before and explore a new area. You might be surprised by what you find!

What are some other fun adventure ideas that you can think of?

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