Savage Saturday: The best precision rimfire for your money?



Savage Saturday: The best precision rimfire for your money?

Here on OutdoorHub, we’ll be taking a closer look at the longtime American Firearms brand Savage on each Saturday.  After a bit of a break due to SHOT and other shows, this week we continue with Savage’s excellent new “Migration” series and be taking a look at Savage’s new Model 64 Precision rimfire.

This time, Savage heads way out west to Oregon to take a look at how hunters out there hunt on flooded fields.  There’s a lot of good duck action.  This particular club they are with leases land from farmers.  Leases can be a blessing and a curse in my experience.  On one hand, its great that fields are getting dual use, and hunting leases open up opportunity for hunters and hunting clubs who don’t own huge tracts of land.  On the other hand, if an outfitter leases out the land near you, you’ll have to spend a whole lot on decoys to attract birds more than they do, and that’s a losing prospect for most hunters.

Savage Model 64 Precision: The best new precision rimfire for your money?

Savage Model 64 Precision

At SHOT show this week, I got a change to shoot a bunch with Savage’s new Model 64 Precision.  Coming in at only $299, this half century old design gets a major facelift with an MDT Oryx precision stock, 20-MOA rail, 16.5″ threaded heavy barrel, and a new twenty round magazine!  For a more in-depth look, take a look at TFB’s SHOT 2022 coverage of Savage.  

See you next week!

Savage Model 64 Precision

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