Mountain Dinner w/@Mark Wiens at Elephant Resort (Late Night Thai Food + Camping in Mae Wang!)

Today begins the 2nd week of our Chiang Mai “Winter” Season adventure with the Wiens’ family, SO great to be able to share these experiences with you in this video today!

One of the most fun trips we’ve done together in a long time, and you can check out the entire Northern Thailand adventure playlist right here 🙂

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s video, but first enjoy a walk around the grounds, learning a bit about elephants with us as well, before finishing this beautiful day off with a late-night dinner of hot soup, fried mushrooms, local mountain grilled meats, and laughs amongst friends.

The Elephant Friends resort is a wonderful new take on completely free and honest care for elephants, it was such a treat to be able to learn more today. Not just about elephants themselves, but about how this company is striving to bridge the wild and natural environment requirements (spending this much time this CLOSE to elephants takes huge planning, responsible action, and foresight), also safety (for everyone, most of all the elephants!), and also the sheer size of a space of land big enough to hold all these ideas together in one place!

Amazing experience, truly a wonderful day that I’m proud to share, and I hope you are super excited along with me for Day 2 of this adventure.

Chiang Mai Elephant Friends (located in Mae Wang)

The hotel costs 50-60$US per night (our dinner was about 18$US) and the various elephant activities range from 30-50$US.

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