How To Pack A Week’s Food Into A PLCE Side Pocket

“How on earth do you pack a week’s food into a side pocket?” was a common response to my video about how to efficiently pack bushcraft-oriented gear into a rucksack. In that video (link below) I showed how I packed my baseline set-up into a Karrimor Sabre 45 rucksack with side pockets. Even after adding all of my camping kit and personal equipment, one of the side pouches remained empty. I commented that I could still get a week’s worth of food into that side pocket if I so desired.

Many people have commented under the video or messaged me personally to ask about this. So, I thought I should make a video explaining my approach to selecting food and how, then, it can all fit in one PLCE side pocket. Not all PLCE side pouches are created equal and for this video, I choose the smallest volume side pouch I own to prove that a week’s food can be packed into even a smaller side pocket.

If you want more information on the individual food stuffs and their calorific content, please go over to my blog at where you’ll find a list of the camping food items in this video, along with the quantities packed.

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Here’s a link to the earlier bushcraft camping kit packing YouTube video:

Here’s a link with to an article providing a full listing of the bushcraft camping set up featured and packed into the rucksack in the above video:

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