Goodbye, Subscriptions: Horizon Fitness Treadmills Let You Use Your Favorite Apps


The Studio Series treadmills by Horizon Fitness are designed for runners who mix up the speed and incline of their workouts.

These three Studio treadmills are made to pair with your favorite fitness apps without a subscription. That means you can still break a sweat while your favorite online instructor motivates you — and run through virtual playgrounds provided by outside apps.

Horizon Fitness says the motor in this treadmill line can keep up with speed and incline changes faster than that of competitors. And it claims to have unique dials mounted closer to your body to make midrun adjustments easier to reach.

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Horizon Fitness AT Treadmill running
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Studio Series Treadmills: Similarities & Differences

What They Have in Common

Connected Fitness

The treadmills in the Studio Series line share much of the same technology. Horizon Fitness designed them to work with streaming media, be it a fitness class or a virtual running course.

No matter what your favorite running app is, these Studio treadmills make it easy to change your speed and incline based on the instructor’s cues. To help eliminate lags between such changes, these treadmills are engineered with a motor to quickly adapt and let you sync with what’s on your display. The brand calls this Rapid Sync Technology.

Horizon claims its Rapid Sync drive system can kickstart your workout from walking to running speed faster than any other in its class.

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The other feature exclusive to the Studio Series treadmills is its QuickDial controls. These are mounted up and away from the screen so runners can reach them and make adjustments on the fly with a palm swipe. One dial lets you increase or decrease your speed; the other adjusts the incline.

The treadmills use advanced Bluetooth so they can connect to multiple devices at the same time. Horizon says they can stream media through their built-in speakers while also tracking data through a heart-rate (HR) monitor.

Studio Series Overview

  • Warranty-backed construction and components (lifetime frame and motor warranty)
  • No subscription or closed platform (connect to your own devices and apps)
  • Rapid Sync drive for changes in speed and incline (speeds of 0.5 to 12 mph; inclines up to 15%)
  • QuickDial controls allow changing speed and incline with a swipe
  • One-step hydraulic-assist folding
  • 3-Zone cushioned deck to pad footfalls
  • Rapid-charge USB port
Horizon Fitness AT Treadmills
Horizon Fitness AT Treadmills.

How They Differ: 3 Models to Choose From

Where the three treadmills differ is in the size of the run deck, the size of the display, and a few of the connected features. Let’s get into it.

The 7.0 AT Treadmill ($999) is the bestseller of the three AT treadmills. It has a 7-inch LCD screen and a 20 x 60-inch run deck — 2 inches slimmer than the other two models. It doesn’t come with an HR chest strap, but you can add that on if you don’t already own one.

The 7.4 AT Treadmill ($1,599) has an 8.25-inch LCD screen. It has a wider run deck, measuring 22 x 60 inches, for more room during sprints or HIIT workouts. This model includes an HR chest strap to connect with fitness apps.

Lastly, there’s the beefier 7.8 AT Treadmill ($1,999). It has a more powerful motor the brand says is 33% faster, so you can crank up the intensity with the integrated Sprint 8 HIIT program.

Its screen is a 9.3-inch full-color LCD display and comes with multiple options for phone and tablet placement. Like the 7.4, it has the commercial-standard 22 x 60-inch run deck size and comes with an HR chest strap.

Purchase, Delivery, and Assembly

If you’re intrigued by a treadmill that will help you train and work out without locking you into a subscription, the Studio Series treadmills by Horizon Fitness should be worth a look.

The brand offers white-glove delivery and assembly to whichever room you’ve made space for it.

And if you’re ready to start running now and finish paying it off later, financing is also available. The monthly payment might just be less than a workout subscription.

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Horizon Fitness AT Treadmill workouts
(Photo/Horizon Fitness)

This article is sponsored by Horizon Fitness. Find out more about its Studio Series online.

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