This Amazon Employee Delivers Packages on Skis


This is one mode of Amazon delivery you don’t see too often.

Meet Helmut ‘Heli’ Edelmaier. He’s not your typical Amazon delivery driver. Instead of fighting traffic to deliver goods, he straps on his skis and zips around the mountains in Austria to deliver packages. Because people in the small Austrian village of Tauplitz want access to Prime delivery, too!

And, Heli’s been doing this for the last 15 years.

Check out this video of Heli doing what he does best — brightening people’s days with his efficient on-ski delivery. From small villages connected by chairlifts and rural mountain chalets, Heli is the go-to delivery guy. When asked what he does in the summer, Heli simply replied he waits until it snows.

Maybe the best mode of transport yet?

Runtime: 2 minutes

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