33-Day Remote Camping, Fishing & Paddling Trip Across Labrador & Northern Québec – Full Documentary

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33-Day Camping, Fishing & Paddling Trip Across Northern Québec & Labrador – The Full Documentary: In 2011 I was commissioned by Field & Stream magazine to complete and film three large scale adventure expeditions in the Canadian North. This was one of them and it has been my most challenging canoe trip to date. It was a true wilderness, wild camping trip as we were well off-grid on remote rivers. We were fishing for brook trout, land locked salmon, lake trout and char and the fishing was world class. We also had to get other food from the land through foraging berries and harvesting wild geese. about one third of the calories we took in came from the land. We started via the train from Labrador City to Schefferville, Québec which took us off of the road system. From there, we began our paddling trip on Lake Atticamagen, portaging over a height-of-land into the Du Pas River. We’d then undergo a challenging string of portages that would take us across another height-of-land between the Du Pas and George Rivers and we’d even travel down an unnamed river before reaching the George. Then, we’d go up the mighty George which was no easy task and we’d continue on through large wilderness lakes until we crossed yet another height-of-land into the Adlatok River. The Adlatok is a wild and extremely remote river that flows into the Labrador Sea. We were charged by a bear before our second two-day plus portage on this trip, we ran countless raging whitewater rapids, many of which were very boulder-strewn and we traveled a large distance on the Labrador Sea where we found ourselves windbound. We also sailed the Labrador Coast aboard the Northern Ranger once out trip ended.

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0:00 Intro & Teaser 33-Days Living off the Land
4:57 Put-in, Paddling Trip to Du Pas River
16:20 Height-of-Land Portage Between Du Pas & George Rivers
27:20 Tracking up the George River
33:16 Spit Roasting Wild Goose Over the Fire
37:38 Windbound Catamaran Build & Continuing to Labrador
45:35 Old Cold War Base
50:56 Native Campsite, Caribou & Epic Fishing at Falls
57:37 a Bear Charges Us! & Long Portage Around Wild Water Canyon
1:18:15 Campfire Cooking Trout Fish & Camping Food
1:23:11 Into the Whitewater Section of the Adlatok & Low on Food
1:39:10 Feast or Famine – Now it’s Feast!
1:43:24 Onto the Labrador Sea
1:40:58 Windbound
1:48:53 Final Push at the Crack of Dawn
1:51:50 Hopedale Labrador & the Northern Ranger Ferry

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