GROCERY HAUL #6 | $75 A Week for Two Adults | Over Budget!! | Camping Food

Welcome to the SIXTH GROCERY HAUL in my GROCERY HAUL and MEAL IDEAS THIS WEEK series! This week I’m checking out more from the FLASHFOOD APP! I’ll share what I’m buying every two weeks and how much I’m spending EVERY WEEK, EVERY MONTH and maybe even keep track of how much I spend ALL YEAR if it goes well. My goal is to spend $150/biweekly OR $75/week on GROCERIES for TWO PEOPLE! These last couple of weeks didn’t go so well LOL I went well OVER BUDGET with IMPLULSE BUYING AND CONVENIENCE FOODS!!

Join me and compare your prices to CANADIAN OR BRITISH COLUMBIAN GROCERY PRICES! See what I BUY for GROCERIES and to STOCK MY PANTRY! I am noticing some PRICE INCREASES and I’m trying to SHOP SMART and BE FRUGAL to deal with those RISING GROCERY PRICES! My grocery lists and hauls have changed since I have been planning for CAMPING MEALS!

Here’s a link to my JAN/FEB PANTRY CHALLENGE where I didn’t spend ANY money on groceries:
Here’s a link to my $21 A Week Grocery Challenge where my BUDGET was much SMALLER:

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