$110 is Hard to Justify – Helinox Chair One Compared to the Competition

This is the Chair that all of the other companies have copied for years.
The question is, is it worth the high price tag?

How does it compare to the OneTigris Chair? What about the offerings from Sportneer?

This is Luke’s Agenda Free Review of the Helinox Chair One.

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Helinox Chair One Agenda Free Review

What it is :
This is a fairly lightweight chair made for camping and backpacking purposes. Over the years, I have reviewed many chairs that are similar but in this case it is coming from the company known as Helinox. Why take a look at this chair if other chairs are similar? Good question, you know all of those other foldable chairs that are out on the market? They are based upon the design of this chair which was originally released in 2012.

Not familiar with Helinox, I’ll tell you a bit about them;

Chairs :
As I mentioned, Helinox makes a number of chairs and with these, they fall into categories based on weight;
There are three categories;

Ultra Lightweight
And High-backed

The Helinox Chair One falls into the Lightweight category and here are the stats;

Assembled Packed
Height 25.5 in 3.5 in
Width 19.5 in 13.5 in
Depth 20 in 4.5 in
Distance from Ground : 10.5”
Weight 2lbs 1oz with bag. 2 lbs. 2 oz.

Capacity 320 lb
Warranty 5 years

Colors : Lots of color options including camos;
Multicam, black, coyote brown, tie dye, blue, red, green and so on.

Materials : Aluminum – I couldn’t find specifics online but I believe they have gone primarily with a nylon for the fabric. Aluminum for the frame.

Price : $110

Comparing The One to the Competition – Go over stats and then talk about rating each for quality – Helinox, OneTigris and then Sportneer

Helinox Chair One : 2lbs 1oz
$110 – 320lbs

Sportneer Folding Chair : 1lb 15oz
$29 – 330lbs

OneTigris Folding Chair (low back version) : 2lbs 8oz – $60 – 330lbs
Chair One Pros :
Excellent quality chair – everything feels strong, sturdy and top notch in terms of materials.
Easy to setup but could be easier
Easy enough to break down
Very Comfortable
I like Helinox is offering color options; there is a chair for just about any preference.

Works well inside of a truck when overlanding, inside of a hot tent or around a camp fire
Excellent weight limit
Good height for average height individuals
Good size storage bag, just enough to get the chair in there without much of a struggle.

Cons :

Small Con : There are no pull loops to assist with putting the chair together or breaking it down which is a shame. I’ve made this recommendation before, for an example, with the Sportneer company, I suggested this, they added the assisting loops to their products and it makes a true difference when setting up and breaking them down.
Big Con : The price of this chair is high when you compare it to the competition and that’s going to be an obstacle that is going to be hard to get over. The Sportneer chair while not the coolest in terms of color is basically the same weight, same dimensions, the same materials, the same weight limits but is only $30. $30 compared to $110….

Summary :
Many years ago when the Chair One hit the market, there was no competition and Helinox could easily ask whatever price they wanted but now, things are different. There are plenty of companies who offer basically the same product but at substantially lower prices.

So you have a decision to make; do you buy the more expensive Helinox chair which has the best of materials and best of construction or do you save a lot of money and go with the chair that has slightly lower levels of quality, materials and construction?

I respect the fact that Helinox has come up with this design but after testing out similar products from other companies, it is a hard sell. $110 is a lot for chair when everything does exactly the same thing for less and in some cases, even better.

Sizes : By the way, I mentioned that Helinox has three different categories of chair, within those categories there are also numerous models. With the Chair One, there is a XL version, a Mini Version, a “Tactical Version” and so on.

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