Federal Ammunition Expands the Punch Lineup with 22 WMR Punch



Federal Ammunition Expands the Punch Lineup with 22 WMR Punch

For the recoil sensitive, centerfire handguns are often off of the market for not only self-defense applications but also training with your personal defense gun. Federal’s Punch lineup has been extremely popular and has been seen in a wide variety of caliber offerings and has now been expanded to include 22 WMR amongst its list of available cartridge offerings. 22 WMR Punch still remains optimized for performance out of short barrels and claims deep penetration but now also features a jacketed nickel plated hollow point for increased terminal performance in both self-defense and hunting situations.

Federal Ammunition Expands the Punch Lineup with 22 WMR Punch

Magnum Punch: Federal Introduces 22 WMR Punch Personal Defense

Federal’s 22LR punch was launched officially at NRAAM 2022 and it piqued my interest enough that I went on over to the Federal website to see if it was on sale yet. It is currently listed on their website as “Currently Unavailable” and is priced at $25.99 per box of 50 rounds.

Federal Ammunition Expands the Punch Lineup with 22 WMR Punch

Like the rest of the Federal Punch lineup, 22 WMR Punch is optimized for high velocities out of short barrels. Federal lists the test barrel length as a 2-inch barrel and they are claiming 1,000 performance out of that specific barrel length. Unlike the penetration optimized 22LR version of Federal Punch which is a scant 29-grains and features no hollow point, the 22 WMR Punch features a hollow point design which should translate to better terminal performance in targets creating larger permanent wound cavities and giving the bullet a wider wound channel along its length of travel.

Federal Ammunition Expands the Punch Lineup with 22 WMR Punch

After the launch of the Punch 22 LR we saw the great response to that round and wanted to expand the options,” said Federal’s Rimfire Product Director, Rick Stoeckel, “The Punch 22 WMR continues to allow rimfire users to have effective performance but now in the magnum cartridge.

The success of the bullet designed for the Punch 22 LR easily transferred to the WMR,” continued Stoeckel. “The larger 45 grain bullet and extreme velocities in the Punch 22 WMR allows this to be a great round for popular 22 WMR revolvers.

  • Nickel-plated lead-core bullet

  • Projectile profile and composition optimized for the deepest penetration through short-barrel handguns

  • Rigorous function testing ensures reliability

  • Nickel-plated case for ease of extraction and corrosion resistance

  • 50-count boxes

  • •Maximum velocity for energy and penetration: 22 WMR offers 1,000 fps muzzle velocity through 2-inch barrel, 1,800 fps through rifle barrels

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