This Amphibious Bike Camper Is Kind Of Amazing


I’ve always been fascinated by amphibious vehicles. When I was 12 years old, I saw one of those amphibious cars pull up to the boat launch and zoom away on the lake. #Mindblown. Then a few years back, we had those jet ski ATV things appear, which I was also enthralled with. And, in case you missed it, someone even made a gigantic amphibious RV. Can I afford any of these things? Of course not, but I’m endlessly entertained by people who keep innovating in this niche category.

The Z-Triton is the first amphibious bike that I’ve seen, and I want one. The main thing that intrigues me is the dual 250W electric motors. Without those, this thing would be a nightmare to pedal around. With them, I could easily go 5-10 miles, roll into the lake, and fish/nap all afternoon. They also power an electric boat motor.

The onboard solar panels would keep my phone, Bluetooth speaker, Kindle, and USB fan running all day long. The estimated price of $8,000 is a bit steep, so I’ll just have to crawl back into my hammock and daydream.


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