Interview With Griff Jaggard From The FireDisc Cooker


Our friend Jeff Siegel, Avid Outdoorsman CEO and founder, sits down to chat with Griff Jaggard, FireDisc President & Co-Founder. We get an inside look at how the company started, how they are handling the current pandemic & its affect on sales, as well as all of the features of the FireDisc cooker.

We reviewed the FireDisc Cooker a few years ago here, and have used it many times since. The versatility is what we were most impressed with. Everything from burgers to pasta is easy to do, and it’s an incredible way to cook for large groups. The deep cooking surface can hold up to five gallons of water and keeps everything contained. We especially liked it for fish frys because you can cook in the middle and the just slide the fillets to the outer ring to keep them warm. It’s fantastic for the campsite or backyard!


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