Snow Peak Unveils Giant Outdoor Palace: The Zekka


Temperatures are rising, and the season of outdoor living is here. The Snow Peak Zekka shelter could be your spacious and luxurious outdoor summer home.

Camping often goes hand in hand with finding somewhere safe from the elements where you can also stretch your legs. Tents can feel cramped, but the Snow Peak Zekka is a brand-new two-room tent and outdoor living space with generous views and an innovative design that departs from the classic tent structure.

The Zekka boasts panoramic views from the safety of your tent, open-air living, and several accessories to enhance your camping setup. You’ll pay to play, but it looks like you’ll play with a lot of your friends in the utmost outdoor comfort.


Alone, it amounts to a highly chic, futuristic collapsible awning that Snow Peak says comfortably houses six people. It’s almost 30 feet long, 14 feet wide, and 7.5 feet tall in the center, and it weighs 66 pounds. Stowed, it packs down to about 3′ x 1′ x 1′.

Once you’ve got it set up, you can hang the “Inner Room” it comes with inside. It secures to the ground with stakes and stands 5.6 feet high, quite a bit taller than the average tent height.


From there, you can even add another, separate Inner Room (sold separately). Do that and you’ve got space for some privacy, sleeping, or whatever other more-enclosed needs up to six campers may have. And you’ll retain a good amount of shaded standing room.

Snow Peak The Zekka

Snow Peak notes the attachments “cannot be used” on their own (these are not freestanding tents, that is).

The Zekka Price

With a price tag just under $3,000 MSRP and with various floorplans available, the Zekka amounts to an apartment for camping. We’ve called far lower-appointed domiciles home; it even comes with its own carpet — er, at least a cushy floor mat. Additional Inner Rooms cost $500 MSRP.


The Zekka’s ability to both open up and batten down may help with cabin fever while also keeping the bugs and wet weather out. Just in time for summer adventures, it should deliver plenty of space for families and friends that tend to travel in packs.

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