Canyon Coolers Pro 45 Review


Big question: does the world really need another roto-molded cooler? What if it’s from Canyon Coolers?

If you are in the market for a new roto-molded cooler, you’ll find out real quick that there are a lot to choose from. They generally try to kind of differentiate themselves from other brands one or two ways, aesthetically, and or, functionally. The Pro 45 from Canyon Coolers, I think, achieves both aesthetic and functionality.

Right away, you can see that we have a table on the side here. This is one thing that I’ve been using the most, I absolutely love this. My wife and I have been toting this around for about three weeks all over, but there are a lot of things that I like about this. There’s two types of tables with this Pro 45. There is one that functions just as a table and we have another one that functions as a table slash divider. One thing I liked a lot about that is it was easy and I used it mostly to separate types of beverages. It’s not watertight on the bottom, so as your ice melts, you would get some water going on the other side.

The construction of this Pro 45 cooler is rock solid. There is one solid pin that runs through the backside for the hinge, which I can’t imagine ever wearing out. Then they have really big cams on the front for opening and closing the cooler. I like the cam style and it’s a nice seal. Another thing I like about this particular cooler is that it has got rubber feet on the bottom, which is nice so it’s not sliding around in your boat or sliding around in the back of your truck.

As far as accessories go, they have two types of tables which are all purchased on top of the cooler, which is not uncommon with roto-molded coolers. They have a bag that attaches to the cooler with the inside full of pockets for all of your cutlery, spices and everything else you may be bringing. It’s really well designed so it would be a cool addition if you tend to bring your grill along.

One other thing is that the drain plug is huge. It’s like the biggest drain plug I think I’ve ever seen on a roto-molded cooler. A big bonus is that the plug is pretty much flush. I have a couple of coolers where the plug is a half inch higher than the bottom of the cooler. You end up getting most of the water out. With the plug flush, this cooler will drain completely dry every time.

This is a true 45 quart on the inside. Some other big brand name companies that make coolers will sell a 45 quart cooler and they’re actually selling their market in the outside dimensions. When tested, the inside of the cooler was more like 38 quarts. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re buying a 45 or a 60, you want to make sure that you have actually 45 quarts of storage space on the inside of it.

The Pro 45 is Canyon Cooler’s top of the line cooler. I absolutely love this cooler and it’s going to be the one that we use this summer.

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