Introducing Spring/Summer 2022 Performance Eyewear from Bushnell



Introducing Spring/Summer 2022 Performance Eyewear from Bushnell

Keeping your eyes safe means a lot of things in the outdoor world. Not only do you have to contend with external impacts and debris if you’re out and about, but the giant ball of fire in the sky also poses a significant threat to the health of your eyes as well if you don’t keep them properly shielded. Bushnell introduced their performance eyewear lineup back in 2021 and this year they have added to that lineup with their new offerings still being produced in partnership with the Italian Sunglasses maker Mirage Occhali.

Introducing Spring/Summer 2022 Performance Eyewear from Bushnell

New Bushnell Performance Eyewear for Spring/Summer 2022

I’ve trusted Bushnell optics for many years hunting around the world,” said Michael Waddell, host of television shows Bone Collector & Realtree Roadtrips. “If anyone knows anything about lenses, clarity, durability, and comfort, it’s Bushnell. It’s about time that they offer performance eyewear. I absolutely love my sunglasses, and I think you will too.

Introducing Spring/Summer 2022 Performance Eyewear from Bushnell

The full Bushnell Performance Eyewear Spring/Summer 2022 collection includes the Pro Ultra Falcon, Harrier, Harrier Mini, Pro Moose, Pro Griffon, Pro Accipiter, Pro Osprey, Pro Vulture, Pro Caribou, Pro Buffalo, and Pro Bobcat sunglasses. All of the sunglasses in this 2022 collection feature Bushnell’s ultra-light polycarbonate UV and HEV filtered lenses, high mass velocity impact safety standards, and Megol rubber nose pads that have moisture absorbing properties and allow for a no-slip-grip. Each set of sunglasses from this collection is 100% produced in Italy by Mirage Occhali.

Bushnell will officially be offering their spring/summer 2022 lineup through amazon via their official Amazon store page. Pricing on the new eyewear lineup starts at around $129.00 for each set of lenses with all color variations and models currently in stock and shipping either with or without a prime account. Let us know if you’ve ever used any of Busnell’s/Mirage Occhali’s performance eyewear and let us know what you think of them down in the comments.

Introducing Spring/Summer 2022 Performance Eyewear from Bushnell

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