Survive Outdoors Longer Lantern Review


One of the most useful tools when outdoors is a lantern. Whether you’re camping, hiking, hunting or cooking outdoors as the sun begins to set, a bright and powerful, long-lasting light source is essential. The Survive Outdoors Longer Venture Light 3000 Rechargeable with Power Bank and the Camp Lantern Rechargeable with Power Bank are my go-to adventure lanterns for all the moments in life that needs some light. The SOL Venture Light 3000 is a useful little lantern. It’s small and extremely portable for camping trips, or vacations where you need to be more mindful of packing up gear. Plus, it only weighs seven ounces. The Venture Light 3000 is not just a lantern, it’s also a power bank. That means I can charge my phone, camera batteries, the kids tablets or whatever else that needs charging while I’m on an adventure or on the go.

Personally, I like to know how many lumens are in my lanterns or flashlights. There are multiple light modes including high mode at 220 lumens with six hours of runtime, medium mode at 110 lumens with 14 hours of run time, and SOS flash with 24 hours of runtime. This lantern has a battery indicator so you’ll know exactly when you need to charge it next and the SOS flash can be used for the rare emergency moments. The best part is that it’s rechargeable which means no need to buy an endless supply of batteries. You can simply use the integrated USB core to recharge the Venture Light 3000—which takes five hours for full recharge. I like that I can hang it anywhere with wire bail hooks and magnets, so it’ll not only stick on our RV fridge but also on branches, cars, tent poles or wherever I need some extra light. In case you’re wondering, the 3000 in Venture Light 3000 is because it has a 3000 milliampere hour rechargeable lithium battery, which is basically how much energy charge the battery will hold.

Now onto the SOL Camp Lantern which looks more like a traditional lantern but comes with all the bells and whistles that the Venture Light has plus more. This powerful lantern is rugged with its anti-slip rubber, it’s resistant to splashes of water, and has an anti-shatter removable bow which is great because I feel confident about letting my kids use a lantern without breaking it. The Camp Lantern has four lighting modes from low to high ranging from 300 to 1000 lumens—which is so bright, it can easily light up the entire base camp. The runtime ranges from three to seven hours depending on which mode you’re on. The flash mode can last up to 30 hours.

One of my favorite features is that there are two spectrums of light on the camp lantern, cool and warm. I personally love the warm setting simply because of the ambiance it sets and the much less harsh lighting. It’s a great mode to have while fireside or for a calmer lighting just before heading to bed while you’re doing your bedtime routine. Like the Venture Light, the SOL Camp Lantern can power electronics through its micro USB port. It’s great for those emergency situations where your phone dies and you need a quick recharge. It takes six hours to fully recharge the Camp Lantern. I love that you can hang or carry this lantern anywhere with the built in carabiner in the base, or the top folding bail handle.

The Survive Outdoors Longer adventure lanterns have been a great addition to our camping supplies. We make sure we have either the Venture Light 3000 Rechargeable with Power Bank or the Camp Lantern Rechargeable with Power Bank—or both—when we’re out and about on our next adventure.


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