Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Tent


The Emergency Tent from Survive Outdoors Longer is the kind of thing that if you got into an emergency situation, when you’re out in the back country, you would be glad that you tossed this in your pack. The weather could change, you could get caught in a sudden downpour where you would rather not get soaked, or worse, you could twist or break an ankle. A lot of things could happen while outdoors where you would need to spend the night out in the forest. In this case, you want something that is always at the ready, you want some that isn’t too heavy, and something that you’re going to use on the regular.

This emergency tent is nine and a half ounces, it is 43 inches on all sides of the triangle, and it’s almost eight feet long. On the package it says it has room for two people and gear. After you have got this tent set up, there’s quite a bit of space in it. At almost eight feet long, there certainly is enough room in here for two people and gear. If it was just you, you have got all the room in the world.

I really have no complaints about this emergency tent. The manufacturer does mention that you could use it as a ground cover, although I don’t think it would last all that long with repeated use as the materials thin. The way that I used it today, I set it up the way that I would if I was in a real world scenario. I don’t use hiking poles and I probably wouldn’t bring tent stakes along. It took about five minutes to just whittle some tent stakes and find a pole to set it up. Really there was nothing to it and there’s three grommets that made set up very easy to do.

It is wind-proof, waterproof, and if you got into a jam and you needed to hunker down, this is what you want. I certainly wouldn’t rely on creating a shelter from scratch if I was in an emergency situation. This emergency tent is a much smarter, easier option to go. Very easy to set up and I highly recommend as it’s just a smart move to have something like this in your pack.

emergency tent

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