Review: 3 TACTIX 1-8×24 Optic by Riton



Review: 3 TACTIX 1-8×24 Optic by Riton

When it comes to optics, I definitely have my favorite brands. I’ve used a few brands almost religiously for all of my firearms and unless I can see the optic in person to look at the glass, I normally would never give a new optic a try.

But I decided to give Riton a try without being able to see it in person because of a rave review I saw. I’m always open to new companies, especially if they can deliver high quality for a lower price point, like Riton boasts they can do.

I decided on the 3 TACTIX 1-8×24 optic for my AR. It’s slim, lightweight and best of all, no tools are required to make any sight adjustments. Only tools needed would be for any mount used, but that’s a one time thing.

When I took it to the range it took just a few moments to get it zeroed in. It was so easy and quick, I was instantly in love. I actually didn’t know it didn’t require tools to adjust, it doesn’t say it doesn’t require tools for sight adjustment on their website. Though I really think they need to amp that up as a feature because it’s absolutely a selling point.

While I was adjusting my optic by turning the knobs, my husband was pulling out his leatherman to adjust his optic. It’s a huge difference in time and simply ease of use. If I’m out in the field and want a quick adjustment, I can do it with my hand in seconds without relying on a tool.

It has the power to zoom in and out with just the pull of a level in back which is extremely easy and convenient.

I love that the glass caps flip up easily and stay attached to the optic. I’ve used some optics where the caps that cover the glass come completely off and that’s a bit of a pain. Much prefer that they stay on so I can easily open and close without potentially losing them.

I will say though, the caps for the sight adjustments have to come completely off and while I’m not going to be constantly adjusting it, I do wish the caps were somehow attached to the optic so there’s no chance of them getting lost. It’s nit-picky, because again, you’re not going to be taking the caps off all the time, but just something I’d love to see in the future if that’s possible.

The glass is crystal clear and rivals some of the high dollar name-brands. It even comes with a cloth to wipe down the glass.

It’s also waterproof and shockproof, which is ideal for any training conditions.

It’s a budget friendly optic with high end features.

This one did not come with a mount and I wish it at least gave the option during the buying process, or even came with a mount, even if it was a little bit of extra money.

The 3 TACTIX 1-8×24 is retailed at $509.99 and comes in black or flat dark earth.

Riton is an optic company to truly take note of. If you’re looking for a scope or a red dot for your handgun, shotgun or rifle, Riton has a variety of options that will fit your needs and your budget.

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