The Best Family First Aid Kit – Keep Going First Aid



The Best Family First Aid Kit – Keep Going First Aid

We have a lot of first aid kits around the house, car and inside all of our bug out bags and everywhere else you can imagine. First aid kits are a must when you have kids. I’ve never applied so many bandages in all my life.

Having outdoor kids means having lots of boo-boos. Before they were capable of putting the bandaids on themselves, they were always very invested in the whole process. I would talk them through the entire ordeal, kiss it and make it all better. I still do that to this day. I want them to know that accidents happen, but there’s always a solution.

I’ve always empowered my kids to take care of their own boo-boos when they were old enough. They’re always very engaged in the whole process of getting the first aid kit, to wiping (which is their least favorite part because it stings), applying the bandaid and putting everything away.

So while I do have a lot of first aid kits, have even made several of my own, I have never seen a first aid kit that is geared towards kids and families.

Keep Going First Aid is the first of its kind. I never put much stock into fancy designs or bright colored items until I had kids. They are really drawn to shapes and colors that they enjoy and will ultimately end of using it more often if it’s a pattern or color that they prefer.

Not only do these first aid kits have fun designs on the outside, they also have fun designs on all the bandages. They also come with stickers! Didn’t you always love getting a sticker from the doctor? It was the best part of seeing the doctor when you were young.

Keep Going First Aid decided that it was time to cater first aid more towards the needs of families.

In addition to first aid kits, they also have heated pads and ice packs that are shaped like stuffed animals. Let’s face it, it’s a lot more comforting receiving an ice pack on your forehead when it’s a cute stuffed animal.

They offer a variety of different sizes:

  • KidsKit
  • Loaded MiniKit
  • Deluxe GoKit
  • GoKit
  • SuperKit

Each one has different items in it to fit your specific needs. For example, if you want a first aid kit in your purse, I’d probably go with the Loaded MiniKit or, depending on the size of your purse, maybe the Deluxe GoKit.

If you wanted a first aid kit for your car, you may want to go with the biggest of them all and get the SuperKit.

I have a Loaded MiniKit which stays in my everyday carry backpack and has been used multiple times. I also bought a KidsKit for my oldest daughter as she said she wanted her very own first aid kit.

I love the design of the KidsKit, but all it has in it are bandaids and stickers. I kind of wish it at least had the sting-free wipes in it for a complete boo-boo kit, but for a starter first aid kit for a child, this is a really smart, and simple way to go.

The Loaded MiniKit has had everything I’ve ever wanted out of an everyday first aid kit. It’s so well organized, too, that’s probably my favorite part about it. Everything is so well marked and extremely easy to find. My kids can find everything they need without my help, that’s how easy and well organized it is.

You can refill the first aid kit with whatever you choose, but they do also offer first aid kit refills.

All-in-all, I’m really impressed with their forethought into making these kits. Not only do they have fun designs which do help them stand out in your bag and easy for kids to identify, the contents are well-thought out and doesn’t make it overly complicated for families who are already stretched thin as it is – make it easy for us!

And they’ve done just that.

I highly recommend checking out the Keep Going First Aid kits and find out which one is right for your family’s needs.

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