The Best Lightweight Handgun Security Case – Vaultek LifePod



The Best Lightweight Handgun Security Case – Vaultek LifePod

I’m a big advocate for securing firearms when not in use, especially with children in the house. I understand when people try to explain to me that it takes ‘seconds’ to get the firearm out if there’s an intruder. But it also takes ‘seconds’ for a child to pick up a gun and accidentally pull the trigger.

I know nobody wants to talk about this, because they educate their children. We do, too. We educate our children about firearm safety and we always take them to the range, they are very aware of guns and the power they possess.

But what about their friends?

My kids have friends over often and if they happened to stumble across one of our guns and decide to play with it, that would be on me and my inability to simply keep my firearms secured.

Keeping them locked up can also decrease the chances of someone stealing them.

In addition to keeping my firearms locked up when not on my person, if I ever need to travel with my handgun, the Vaultek LifePod is the absolute best way to do that.

The Vaultek LifePod is the perfect handgun case for your nightstand or traveling purposes.

It can hold one handgun. It may be able to secure two micro handguns, but for the majority of other sizes, it can hold one, plus a magazine.

  • It has a touch activated keypad where you can program a new code at any time.
  • It also includes backup manual keys.
  • It’s waterproof.
  • Lightweight and extremely tough. It has padding inside which protects the firearm in case the case falls or gets thrown around.
  • It has compression latches on both sides. So even if the touchpad locking mechanism isn’t working, you can still manually latch them on both sides to secure the firearm.
  • Comes with a steel security cable so you can attach it to a stationary object to make it a bit tougher to steal the LifePod itself.

This meets TSA guidelines, too. Though of course, it always depends on the TSA agent, but in general, this does meet guidelines.

I’ve had this LifePod for years and it’s traveled with us all over the place. It’s one of the toughest handgun cases I’ve ever owned and it’s lightweight enough to move and secure anywhere you want.

In fact, in the years I’ve had it, I haven’t changed out the batteries once. Very long lasting! I would advise changing out the batteries every so often though, just to make sure they’re as new as possible and you know it’ll continue to work, instead of wondering when they’ll die.

Luckily there are keys so you can always manually get into it with or without the keypad.

I highly recommend the Vaultek LifePod case for home use and travel. At $106, you really can’t go wrong!

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