Video: Short Film Addresses the Conundrum of High-Fence Hunting


A documentary from Blood Origins takes a deep look into the ethics and conservation aspects of high-fence hunting in Texas.

A contentious topic in pretty much any room you walk into, high-fence hunting is the practice of containing wildlife in a designated area for the primary sake of hunting. In Texas, that often means exotic species.

Because Texas has a climate comparable to portions of Africa, it’s an ideal location for many African big-game species. The idea of hunting African animals in Texas draws ire from both sides of the aisle.

On the pro-hunting side, you’ll hear the argument that it isn’t fair chase and commercializes wildlife. On the anti-hunting side, you’ll hear all the same arguments that you hear against the broader aspects of hunting — and then some.

It’s a game of big money, big business, and something a bit lesser-known: big conservation.

Robbie Kröger of Blood Origins shares his perspective from inside one of those big Texas ranches.

Runtime: 12 minutes

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