The Best Archery Targets Under $100



The Best Archery Targets Under $100

Looking to buy your very own archery target? It’s well-known that archery targets can be pretty expensive, especially when you plan to use it year-round like I do. I want a target that is going to last at least 6 months, I mean, preferably longer.

There are some great archery targets for under $100, though!

Before diving into my suggestions, I would like to say that, for the most part, anything under $100 is not going to be meant for crossbows.

None of these will be ‘self-healing’. Those types of targets are usually well over $100. If you have a crossbow, though, none of these targets mentioned here will stop your bolt. You can try, but you’ll be disappointed as they will tend to go through pretty easily and ruin your target a lot faster.

Let’s see the best archery targets for under $100!

1. Black Hole Archery Target


Black Hole Archery Target

Black Hole has a solid reputation. This has 4 sides that you can shoot on and while it does claim that you can use expandable broad heads on the front and back side, just be aware it will tear up the target sooner rather than later.

However, this has amazing stopping ability for compound and traditional bows. What’s nice about this design is that the arrow really won’t get stuck inside and they’re super easy to remove without further tearing the target or your arrowheads.

It has a handle which makes it portable and it’s fairly lightweight. I would recommend putting something behind this to stabilize it, because it is a little lightweight, the force of some impacts might knock it over.

Pros/Long lasting, shoot on 4 different sides, well made


Bottom Line/Great target for everyday shooting

2. Morrell Yellow Jacket


Morrell Yellow Jacket

The Yellow Jacket is a really nice budget friendly option. This is a standard bag target and though it says only two shooting sides, I’ve used the sides to shoot, as well and it’s been just fine. However, the main shooting sides are the front and back.

This is field point only, I don’t recommend trying to use anything other than field point with a compound or traditional bow with a bag target like this. The broad heads will absolutely tear this bag up in no time.

I will say though, the field tips can get stuck in the bag sometimes, ripping unnecessarily larger holes in it and making it a bit of a pain to get the arrow out. However, it does a great job at stopping arrows.

This is kind of a heavy bag, too, while it does have a handle to move it around, it’s a bit of a heavy move, so don’t expect

I would also recommend placing something behind this to keep it up right, because of its size, even though it is a heavy bag, it has a habit of falling over sometimes.

Otherwise, this will last you a long time. It’s even good for youth arrows, my 6 year old daughter shoots her arrows at it just fine.

Pros/Long lasting, stops arrows,

Cons/Might be difficult sometimes to get your arrow out

Bottom Line/Long lasting budget target.

3. Block Classic Archery Target


Block Classic Archery Target

Block is well known for their durable archery targets. They have targets that fit a wide variety of needs and each and every one of them

This is not self-healing but it has tight layers which not only means high stopping power but it also means arrows can be pulled out easily.

This is a two-sided target and I wouldn’t recommend shooting the sides because it’s really that wrapping that keeps it super tight and durable. If that wrapping starts coming off, it can unravel and there goes your target. Of course, if you hit the plastic occasionally, it’s totally fine, but it really is only a two-sided target being able to shoot the front and back.

This is such a simple target design but the high vis white is really easy to see from any distance. It’s also lightweight which means it can easily be moved around as needed.

This will stop broad heads but keep in mind it will tear up the target faster.

Pros/Lightweight, hefty stopping power, easy to pull arrows out


Bottom Line/Great target with a reputable name

4. VHIONER Archery Targets


VHIONER Archery Targets

This is kind of a ‘classic’ design. It’s made of straw and can be propped on the ground or even hung.

Though it’s made of straw, this is 5 layers thick.

Whenever you shoot it, you will see some ‘debris’ or rather some of the hay or fibers sometimes. This can make you feel like you’re destroying the target, but it is normal.

This is definitely not meant for broad heads. Traditional and compound with field points only. I would even say that this probably isn’t good for super high powered compound bows. Great for youth, too!

Pros/All natural straw, very thick, classic design

Cons/Not as long lasting as others

Bottom Line/Maybe not as long lasting as others, but

Which target is right for you?

Depending on your budget, you can find a target that is right for you and your archery practice needs. Which one will you choose?

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