Keep Warm with The Best Reusable Hand Warmers



Keep Warm with The Best Reusable Hand Warmers

I am all for hand warmers during the winter. The disposable hand warmers are absolutely amazing and really affordable. You can throw them in any pack and use as needed at any time.

However, as I’m starting to move more towards reusable products, I’d really like to find a reusable hand warmer that actually works and is cost effective, as well.

The disposable ones are still nice to have around in various car kits, emergency kits or what-have-you, but the reusable ones are great for everyday outdoor use.

Let’s take a look at the best reusable hand warmers!

1. Hot to Go Reusable Heat Packs


Hot to Go Reusable Heat Packs

These are compact and portable, just bend the internal disc and use! 

These can be reused just about a million times. As long as they don’t pop, they’re good to be continually reused over and over again!

Just set them in boiling water for a couple minutes to reset them. Then place in your packs and they’ll be ready to go for next time.

This comes in a multi pack so you have lots of them to use for various instances.

The biggest downside to these is that they only last about 30-45 minutes when you’re outdoors.


Cons/Only lasts 30-45 mins

Bottom Line/Comes with a lot so you could trade them out every 30 minutes and has unlimited resets. Great to have on hand.

2. 12000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmers


12000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmers

This thing is a beast! Because of its 12000mAh battery, it has a lasting warmth of up to 15 hours!

It can also charge a phone. The battery can fully charge an iPhone 2.7 times.

It has an LED display that tells you the temperature which are 100 degree F, 122 degrees F and 140 degrees F.

Even though it’s a beast, it’s still portable and fairly lightweight.

Pros/Lasts for a long time, multiple heat settings, can charge your phone

Cons/Only comes with one product per package

Bottom Line/Though it only comes with one, I would still buy a couple and have them in each pocket!

3. orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer


orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer

This is a fancy looking little hand warmer. It’s an electric hand warmer and needs to be charged. Once you turn it on, it takes just a couple minutes to get up to full warmth. It can reach up to 107 degrees F.

On a full charge, you can use this consistently for 3-4 hours. It’s small and lightweight.

Like most of the other electric hand warmers, this only comes in a single pack, but the price point makes it affordable to buy two.

Pros/Lightweight, long-lasting warmth, warms up quickly

Cons/Only comes with one per box.

Bottom Line/Great warmer if you’re planning to get a couple.

4. Zippo 12 Hour Refillable Hand Warmer


Zippo 12 Hour Refillable Hand Warmer

Zippo is a quality brand and this hand warmer follows along with their Zippo lighters in the sense that you need to refill it with lighter fluid for it to function.

It uses a flameless heat and offers gentle warmth with their catalytic burner.

It can provide continuous heat for 6-12 hours!

It’s quite large, but still lightweight enough to carry around just fine.

It does come with a little pouch and it’s recommended to keep it inside of that pouch when it’s being used because it can get very warm!

Pros/Large hand warmer, easily refillable, warms up quickly and provides long lasting warmth

Cons/Needs to be refilled with fluid

Bottom Line/Needing to carry fluid around may not be a con for you, but Zippo is a quality brand so definitely one to consider.

Which one is your favorite?

These all offer something a little different depending on your needs. Do you need something long lasting? Don’t want to fuss with having to charge it? Maybe charging is ok but you also want to charge your phone? What about long lasting?

Enjoy keeping your hands warm!

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