Free Soloist, Wingsuit Pilot, Mountain Biker Nail High-Speed Synchronized Squamish Stunt


In some mountain paradises, you might see a free solo climber, a downhill mountain biker, and a wingsuiter on the same day. But I’ve never expected to see a world-class athlete in each of the three sports in the same spot all at once.

Mountain biker Remy Metailler, climber and skier Nick McNutt, and wingsuit BASE jumper Braden Dean just pulled off the wildest synchronized outdoor sports stunt I’ve seen in 2022. And filmed it from all three perspectives.

It all went down on the Stawamus Chief Apron. It’s hard to tell exactly what came first, but I have to assume McNutt started soloing up “Slab Alley” (5.8). Above, Metailler awaited the perfect moment and pounced, bombing down the slab on a mountain bike. Right after Metailler shot past McNutt (“Whoa, sorry, buddy!”), Dean rocketed past in a squirrel suit overhead.

Teamwork makes the dream work. (Well, and GoPro.) Watch the stunt from all three POVs here.


Free Soloist

Wingsuit Pilot

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Illegal Stunt: Slackliner Tiptoes 2,500 Feet Above Yosemite Falls
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