Heat Seal Mylar Bags with Ease with the Wallaby Impulse Sealer



Heat Seal Mylar Bags with Ease with the Wallaby Impulse Sealer

As a prepper, I store a lot of short-term and long-term food in mylar bags. I am always mylar bagging food to have for everyday use or emergency needs. I strongly believe it is our responsibility to take care of our home and our loved ones no matter what comes our way

Getting back to mylar bagging food, I have been using Wallaby Goods mylar bags for a couple years now, they’re the only bags I use because of their durability and quality. The best mylar bags I’ve ever used.

So naturally, I was ecstatic when they released their own impulse sealer.

I’ve always wanted an impulse sealer. I’ve always sealed my mylar bags with an iron on the low setting, and that’s worked out just fine. However, nothing really beats an impulse sealer as far as efficiency.

The Wallaby Impulse Sealer is ready to use straight out of the box.

  1. Open box
  2. Take off plastic
  3. Open velcro wrap
  4. Plug in
  5. Turn to the appropriate heat setting (as described in the easy-to-read-and-following instructions it comes with)
  6. Begin sealing

It’s that easy!

It takes literally 3-5 seconds to heat seal, even the thick 5-7 mil Wallaby mylar bags that I have. The first time I did it, I wasn’t sure that it had really sealed because it didn’t take that long. I inspected the seal and it was perfect. I was honestly shocked. There was no way it actually sealed in just a few seconds. But it did!

It took a little longer with my iron and a bit more effort.

The impulse sealer is effortless.

I can’t believe I haven’t gotten one before.

I have the 12 inch and quite honestly, kind of wish I had gotten the 16 inch. The 12 inch is a popular choice and it works good for any size, even the 5 gallon bags. When sealing the 5 gallon bags, I have to seal half at a time. Seal half, flip, seal the other half. It’s not that big of a deal, just something to keep in mind.

It has a knob with a few numbers on it. The instructions say to use the 2-4 setting for plastic bags or pouches. The 4-6 for thin foil or thinner mylar bags. And the 6-8 for the Wallaby bags and thick 5-7 mil mylar bags.

It comes with two replacement kits, as well! You shouldn’t have to change them out that often, but when you do, it’s sure nice to have a few on hand ready to go! I may just buy some extra replacement kits just to have them on hand for, you know, just in case.

The width of the sealer is 5mm, which is a lot bigger than most other impulse sealers. It seems like a super thin seal, but trust me, it’s plenty sealed. The entire top doesn’t need to be sealed, it just needs to be sealed enough. And this seals it plenty thick enough.

It’s impressive and it has made simplified the way I seal mylar bags.

For just $64, the Wallaby Impulse Sealer is a must-have to keep your food fresher for longer.

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