Lena Miculek and Sig Sauer Create ROSE, a Community for Women



Lena Miculek and Sig Sauer Create ROSE, a Community for Women

We all know that women are the fastest-growing demographic within the outdoor and shooting industry. According to an article by Sporting Classics Daily back in 2018, they’re projecting, “women are expected to soon be the driving force in the shooting sports industry, with their numbers up nearly 200 percent in just the last few years.

And that was back in 2018!

The numbers have only risen and we’ve seen more and more women getting involved and sharing their voices in the firearms industry.

In saying this, though women in the industry are rising every year, it is still a male-dominated industry. The support for women entering the industry hasn’t kept up.

We may have more women-specific holster options, clothing options and we can even choose a firearm based on our favorite color.

But when it comes down to truly supporting women and their needs for finding a gun and training, there’s still a disconnect there.

Though more women are getting involved, the industry is behind in supporting the individual needs of women. The training that is there is still geared toward men.

Image Credit: SIG SAUER

But now, there’s a firearm community exclusively for women that is easily accessible.

Sig Sauer created ROSE, a community for women and together with Lena Miculek they’re encouraging more women to not just feel empowered by their firearm-buying decisions, but get involved and learn step-by-step techniques to improve their shooting.

What is ROSE?

  • Free Facebook community to share your journey with other like-minded women
  • Free training videos
  • Free, downloadable ROSE target
  • Special edition ROSE Sig Sauer P365-380 or P365-XL accompanied by a LifePod, magazine loader and dummy rounds
    SIG SAUER Rose P365-380
    Image Credit: SIG SAUER

This isn’t just another pretty-looking firearm, this is a supportive community of women, education and training to take your firearm skills and knowledge to the next level.

The special edition P365-380 comes with slight alterations to its look, showcasing the uniqueness of the firearm.

The special edition P365-XL comes in 9mm, the slight alterations to its look to showcase the ROSE, but it also comes with an XSeries Straight Trigger and XSeries grip.

Image Credit: SIG SAUER

Both new ROSE pistols have a manual safety.

Whether you’re considering purchasing a firearm for the first time or you’ve already purchased it and you’re looking for additional support, Sig Sauer and Lena Miculek have got you covered with this amazing new ROSE community.

The ROSE community by Sig Sauer with Lena Miculek will allow you to learn from other women, share your experiences, receive feedback and get the training you need without feeling uneasy or unsure.

Image Credit: SIG SAUER

Will you be joining the ROSE community?  If you’d like to watch a video from Lena and learn more, click on the link.

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