[SHOT 2023] A 1911 that Takes Sig P320 Magazines: The Oracle Arms 2311



[SHOT 2023] A 1911 that Takes Sig P320 Magazines: The Oracle Arms 2311

There have been more than a few attempts made to modernize the venerable 1911 over the years. While the inimitable John Moses Browning’s 111-year-old original design has a veritable host of fanatical adherents who display no compunction in declaring that the 1911 needs no updating as it is the perfect creation of God himself, not all shooters concur. Some want different calibers or other features offered by the swath of 2011 variants that have cropped up in recent years. Some manufacturers have taken things a step further and fully hybridized the 1911, like Dan Wesson with CZ in their DWX. Now a new player is emerging in the 1911-of-the-future game. Meet Oracle Arms and their new 2311 handgun, launching soon at SHOT Show 2023.

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