Photo Of The Day: H&K G36 with VECTED Thermal Imaging



Photo Of The Day: H&K G36 with VECTED Thermal Imaging

VECTED is a small German company that provides custom made thermal imaging devices for the hunting community, the police and the military.

They don’t really provide off-the-shelf thermals, typicall their hardware and software – sometimes with Artificial Intelligence included – is individually adapted to the specific application.

The suppressed Heckler & Koch G36 above is an excellent example, and it’s a great picture for our Photo Of the Day.

The thermal is Vected TC-640-60.

VECTED thermal imaging


The 640-series cameras are designed for universal use. For example, our patented quick-mount system with high repeat accuracy allows them to be transformed in seconds from a hand-held observation device to a clip-on device on a rifle with a telescopic sight. Where legally permitted, the cameras can of course also be rapidly converted into a weapon sight using the simple and intuitive menu navigation. In all modes, the 640 series offers very high detection performance at all distances as well as a clear and high-contrast image, all of which form the basis for a successful operation.

VECTED thermal imaging

Use: Observation device, clip-on device, weapon sight

Performance parameters


2700 m


950 m


510 m


1x, 2x, 4x, 8x

Display resolution:

1280 x 960

Sensor: 640 x 480, 12 µ

All images by Vected GmbH.

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