tentree ‘Ocean Collection’ Revitalizes Kelp, Coral Habitats


Eco-conscious apparel brand tentree announced today the launch of its “Ocean Collection” ocean planting effort. This three-pronged initiative aims to restore kelp beds, coral colonies, and mangrove forests around the world.

“For years, tentree has led the way in exploring innovative solutions in forestation. This expansion into the Ocean Collection opens the door to a slew of new planting opportunities that can nurture and reforest the 70% of the Earth covered by ocean,” the company wrote in a press release.

a man wearing a tentree sweatshirt
tentree’s new collections are an assortment of cozy tees and sweats; (photo/tentree)

For its first effort, tentree will partner with the nonprofit OceanWise to plant over 12,000 acres of kelp. The program will sequester carbon and restore wildlife habitat.

Next, tentree will join Plant a Million Corals to support coral habitat restoration on the Florida coast and throughout the Caribbean.

Finally, the brand is initiating mangrove-planting programs in Kenya, Madagascar, Brazil, and Indonesia. The restored mangrove forests will serve as nursery grounds for crucial species.

two people wearing tentree apparel
The new apparel collection is ocean-themed; (photo: tentree)

The Ocean Collection effort dovetails with the launch of two new tentree apparel collections: SeaFleece and SeaBlend. The products — a range of cozy-looking, ocean-themed tees and sweats — incorporate plastic from single-use bottles hand-collected from beaches.

Such material use is on-brand for tentree, which previously launched a 100% biodegradable jacket and plants 10 trees for every product it sells.

You can view the new collections here.

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