HOWA’s Mini Action Rifles Now Come in 6mm ARC!



HOWA’s Mini Action Rifles Now Come in 6mm ARC!

HOWA is a household name when it comes to hunting rifles and for good reason – they’re high-quality tools with a great set of features and of course, are offered in virtually every cartridge known to man – this fact now includes 6mm ARC and HOWA’s Mini Action series of rifles. The new 6mm ARC Mini Action rifles have just been announced as in stock and shipping from Legacy Sports International. The 6mm ARC Cartridge is often favored by long-range precision hunters for its adaptability for use in both semi-autos and bolt actions, as well as its improved flight path when compared directly to 308 rifles.

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HOWA's Mini Action Rifles Now Come in 6mm ARC!
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Finally Shipping! The HOWA Mini Action in 6mm ARC

Legacy Sports International is excited to announce the popular 6MM ARC caliber is now shipping in the HOWA Mini Action Series of rifles. That’s right, the already popular HOWA Mini Actions just got even more attractive with this potent addition of the 6MM ARC in both 22” std. barrels and 20” light varmint barrels which are both threaded for easy suppressor additions and fit into a variety of stock options from Legacy Sports. Excellent Coyote Cartridge!

The 6mm ARC delivers substantially better ballistics than the 5.56 NATO with similar recoil and yet delivers comparable ballistics to the venerable 308 Winchester with 30% less weight on both firearms platform and ammunition.

HOWA Mini Action 6MM ARC offerings –

  • Standard Synthetic Mini Action
  • Carbon Stalker Mini Action
  • Carbon Elevate Mini Action
  • HS Precision Mini Action
  • EXCL Lite Mini Action
  • Walnut Mini Action
  • APC Chassis

The 6mm ARC is available in the following options from Hornady!

·#81602 6mm ARC 103 gr. ELD-X® Precision Hunter®

·#81604 6mm ARC 105 gr. BTHP Hornady BLACK®

·#81608 6mm ARC 108 gr. ELD® Match™

mini action

Obviously, the prices of each different Mini Action will vary depending on the trim level selected. However, for reference, a 1500 pattern 6mm ARC barreled action will set you back about $500 from various online retailers like Brownells. For more information or to see a list of all available options from HOWA that include the 6mm ARC cartridge, you can visit the following link here.

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