‘SquatchBot’: GoWild Brings Mythical AI to Hunting Forums


Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days. It finally feels like we’re living up to predictions made in movies of our youth. The line between human and machine has absolutely been blurred.

At this stage, the words you’re reading now could have been authored by artificial intelligence. Maybe they were. I mean, Chat GPT is officially a GearJunkie author. The world is getting weird, my friends.

Is that a good thing? Time will tell.

And now, GoWild, a social media platform built for outdoor enthusiasts — with an eye toward the hunt-fish crowd — has taken a leap and “hired” its first artificial employee in the form of SquatchBot.

This mythical beast has the sole purpose of jumping into forum-style conversations on the platform to answer users’ questions. If you’ve ever asked the internet-using humans of the world for advice, you know that half the answers are wrong, and the other half are just belittlement (without grammar).

SquatchBot aims to give you the info you seek, in real-time, without calling you a moron first.

Will this AI beast become the hunting mentor you’ve been dreaming of? Right now, I’m not sure. But I’m hard at work trying it out — stay tuned!

I’m still fairly confident that the old man from the next county over, who feels the elk migration in his knees and can forecast the start of the rut by how sore his back is, has more reliable info than any machine can produce.

Regardless, SquatchBot might be a worthy addition to your hunt-and-fish toolbox.

Runtime: 1 minute.


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