Leatherman in Living Color: 4 Fresh Hues for Mini Micra Tool


Is there anything more boring than a bland, vanilla, stainless steel multitool? Might as well get a sheath for your phone and start wearing knee socks with sandals.

No, you need a little color in your life. Luckily, Leatherman just added four new shades to its already polychromatic Micra line.

The Micra is Leatherman’s Lilliputian workhorse. It’s a 1.8-ounce, 10-tool option that folds up small enough to stash on your keychain at 2.5 inches long. And at $34.95, it’s fairly affordable to boot.

The new colors (Arctic Blue, Black Cherry, Slate, and Navy) are a little more matte than the existing glossy options (like, “I’m sassy but not too sassy”).

Leatherman Micra Colors

The Leatherman Micra in Arctic Blue
The Leatherman Micra in Arctic Blue; (photo/Leatherman)

Arctic Blue: The Micra of choice for a sunny spring Sunday. Slip it into the pocket of your seersucker suit, grab a picnic basket and your preferred romantic companion, and slice up a little charcuterie with the 1.6-inch blade.

The Leatherman Micra in Black Cherry
The Leatherman Micra in Black Cherry; (photo/Leatherman)

Black Cherry: Moody. Mysterious. For vineyard hopping and wine tasting. Use the tweezers to plate garnishes on the recipe you stole from Chef’s Table.

The Leatherman Micra in Slate
The Leatherman Micra in Slate; (photo/Leatherman)

Slate: It’s not black. It’s not grey. It’s not charcoal, for Pete’s sake. Slate is the master of its destiny. Slate builds its own path. And it uses either Phillips or flathead screws because it has a tool for both.

The Leatherman Micra in Navy Blue
The Leatherman Micra in Navy Blue; (photo/Leatherman)

Navy Blue: What’s more blue than blue? Navy Blue, that’s what. It’s the blue that stands out from the pack of blues because it’s a serious blue. A blue that actually uses the nail file. A blue that repairs its glasses with the glasses screwdriver, because yes, it’s a blue that wears glasses.

You can explore the rest of the Micra collection at Leatherman.

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