Truck Turned Massive SUV: Meet the MegaRexx SVN


The MegaRexx SVN is the biggest and baddest SUV around. A nine-seat take on the Ford Excursion based on a brand-new Ford F-250. Over the top? Absolutely. Ubercool and immensely practical? You’d better believe it.

Back in the early 2000s, the Ford Excursion filled a void in the market. A Super Duty-based SUV that could hold your big family and a week’s worth of luggage. And it could still tow thousands of pounds more than any half-ton pickup or Suburban.

MegaRexx Trucks of North Carolina saw that void in the market. Modern pickups can tow double the weights they could back in 2003, but there are no heavy-duty SUVs to take on the same load. Or at least there weren’t.

The company has been building over-the-top pickups for decades. Aaron Richardet and his team have over 200 years of collective experience building custom trucks like the Super Duty-based MegaRaptor, offered in Ford truck grades up to F-450.

Nine-Seat MegaRexx SVN Starts With F-250

MegaRexx SVN

Their latest is the nine-seat SVN. MegaRexx started with a Ford F-250 pickup and then enclosed the pickup box. Inside, MegaRexx added two more rows of seats for a total of four. With loads of captain’s chairs and a power rear bench sourced from the current Ford Expedition, there is room for nine inside.

Thanks to custom glass for the new rear panels and a new glass hatch above the tailgate, the MegaRexx SVN looks amazingly stock. Even the gap between the box and the cab has been filled in, both inside and out. All the metalwork is aluminum, just like the factory panels.

Starting with an F-250 means that the SVN has Ford’s 6.7L Powerstroke diesel under the hood. The engine makes 475 horsepower and 1,050 pound-feet of torque, numbers that absolutely crush any Excursion ever built.

Mild Lift, Beefy Rubber, Subtle Upgrades

MegaRexx SVN

There are mechanical changes, of course. You can’t build something called a MegaRexx and leave it largely stock. The truck gets a 2.5-inch Commuter Suspension lift from Carli. It also wears 285/75R18 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires to give it a more aggressive stance.

A laser-etched and CNC-machined tailgate panel replaces the factory part and puts the MegaRexx SVN badge on it. LED headlights and fog lights from Morimoto help complete the look. It’s close enough to stock but clearly upgraded to those in the know.

More Seats Means More AC

MegaRexx SVN

Power side steps help the driver and passenger get into the SVN. Hop into the way back row, and you’ll find a rear climate control system from Vintage Air. The system makes sure that the stock HVAC system isn’t fighting to heat and cool the big new space.

All of the standard Ford goodies in the cab still work. Blind spot alerts, Sync4 voice recognition, and the 1,000-watt B&O audio system. Even the keyless entry and push-button start are here.

Biggest SUV Has Biggest Capability

MegaRexx SVN

Because this is an F-250 underneath, it should be able to tow more or less like a stock Ford F-250 as long as you keep in mind that it weighs around 1,000 pounds more than stock and that there’s nowhere to put a fifth-wheel hitch. A stock F-250 can tow up to 20,000 pounds, letting this MegaRexx SVN tow nearly double what any other SUV can.

This MegaRexx SVN is for sale right now, with an asking price of $169,950. It’s probably going to go fast, so what if you want one and are too late? MegaRexx will build you one. The current lead time is eight to 10 weeks, and MegaRexx will build as many as there is demand for. There’s also a seven-passenger option for around $30,000 less.

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