Lost Some Gear? YETI ‘Craigslost’ Campaign Will Replace It (And Sweeten the Deal)


There is nothing more disheartening than losing your outdoor gear. Whether it’s stolen, accidentally left behind, or lost in a horrific accident, the feeling is always the same when you realize your equipment is gone: total defeat, with a dash of frustration.

YETI understands this. It’s why the brand, made famous for its bombproof, bear-resistant coolers, has started its “YETI Craigslost Campaign.” It found a bunch of people on Craigslist who’d lost their gear in the field. And the long, heartfelt posts about the losses touched YETI.

So, the brand stepped up to help out.

Over the last several months, it’s been reaching out to people who’ve lost their gear and YETI has replaced it. Not just by sending them new stuff, either. But by loading that replacement gear into a locked-down LoadOut GoBox, “so they’ll never lose it again.”

And YETI isn’t stopping there.

It’s got another call for any and all adventurers who’ve lost gear over the years. The brand wants to hear your story. If it’s compelling enough, the YETI team might just put together a GoBox for you, complete with the gear you thought you’d never see again.

YETI Craigslost Campaign

YETI Craigslost sweepstakes; (photo/YETI)
The replacement tacklebox gear sent by YETI in collaboration with Kevin Van Dam; (photo/YETI)

Tristan lost his late grandfather’s tacklebox full of fishing lures and it broke his heart. He made a post on Craigslist about the loss, and eventually, someone from YETI saw it. So, they reached out to Kevin Van Dam, one of the baddest-ass bass fishermen alive today. Van Dam put together a full tackle kit containing everything the young fisherman would need and YETI sent it to him.

A similar thing happened to a veteran named Tony, whose ice-climbing gear was all stolen from him. YETI saw his call for help, and answered by buying a couple of fresh new ice axes, boxing them up in a GoBox, and shipping it off to him.

YETI is offering folks like these a second chance. And if you’ve got a similar story, now’s your opportunity to get your lost belongings replaced. Enter YETI’s Craigslost sweepstakes, which starts on March 27, 2023, and ends on March 30, 2023.

How to Enter

Step one to entering YETI’s Craigslost Sweepstakes: lose some gear. (Hopefully, you haven’t, though!)

Step two? Comment on YETI’s Instagram video post below before March 30. Tell your story, pull at YETI’s heartstrings, and tag it with the hashtag #YetiGoBox. The only rule is, the gear must be under $200 retail value and must be related to the outdoors. The brand will then review the stories, and announce winners in early April 2023.

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