Hammer Time! KastKing Unveils New Hammer Braid Fishing Line!



The never-ending progression of technological advances in the world of fishing line has been pushed even further this month with the release of KastKing’s new braided fishing line called Hammer Braid.

So what makes Hammer Braid so special you ask? The biggest thing I see is the overall crossover per inch. Braided fishing line is measured by how many times each individual strand courses over the other three strands. There are a total of four strands used in braided line with the average crossover count measuring 18-20 inches per inch of fishing line. The folks at KastKing have figured out a way to up the crossover count to 24 per inch of line.

Rex Nelson is the Director of Product Development with KastKing. Nelson was manning the KastKing Booth at the Pacific Northwest Sportsman’s Show and said,  “Hammer Braid is a light, tighter braid which means that you get a smooth, outer profile. It also allows it to have better abrasion resistance. It’s a little more compact and it’s a little stronger. It’s about 10% stronger than most braids on the market on a straight pull.”

In addition to strength, KastKing has changed the way braided line is colored. The typical process for dyeing braided line comes after the line is assembled. With Hammer Braid, the individual fibers are treated utilizing an engineered proprietary coating (EPC) process. The end result is a braid that holds its color longer than other braids.

Pro Bass Angler Jason Pittman lives in Covington, La. He fishes all over the country but when he fishes locally, he deals with a plethora of submerged structure in the rivers and bayous of South Louisiana. Pittman said the strength of this line is what has won him over.” They got it right with this braid! It casts well and holds up to the nasty cover. It’s super limp that makes it user friendly,” Pittman said.

Jason Pittman used Hammer Braid to wrestle this lunker bass out of some reeds along the shoreline

The Pro bass angler has since doubled down on his approval of the line. “I’m using the 15-pound test on all my spinning rods now,” he said.  Pittman ties a fluorocarbon leader to the Hammer Braid on all of his spinning rods and on the rods he uses for flipping, he uses a heavier Hammer Braid. “I find the 50-pound test is a good all around for everything from flipping to frogging,” Pittman said.

Hammer Braid is available in 8 to 80-pound tests and comes in 150, 300, and 3,000-yard spools. It comes in seven colors: Black, Green Camo, Chartreuse, Moss Green, Camo Blue, Grey, and Orange.

KastKing Hammer Braid Features:

  • Unmatched abrasion resistance
  • Thinner diameter
  • Diamond Braid Weave Technology
  • Higher knot strength
  • Virtually zero stretch
  • Locks in color

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