Mikaela Shiffrin Shares Behind-the-Scenes Struggles With ‘Moving Right Along’


“It’s almost better to be doubtful than to be certain.”

That’s one of the many vulnerable moments in the latest episode of skiing icon Mikaela Shiffrin’s YouTube series Moving Right Along. In this case, it’s a line delivered straight from her bed after waking up.

Though Shiffrin’s videos are published on her personal channel, she has a large team to help with the photography and editing. The result is a series with high production value and plenty of inside views of what it takes to be a ski champion.

“We have to find some way to get excited about all of the repetition. And to actually find reasons to love the moments that seem usual and mundane to most everybody watching,” Shiffrin wrote in the video description.

“If we don’t get that excited feeling, we have no real reason to try. I can’t only care about winning. If that was the case, I wouldn’t be doing this. I have to care about ALL of it. Every single moment, of every single day.”

Shiffrin’s words may ring run-of-the-mill, grating, galvanizing, or anywhere in between. But either way, if you want to hear what one of the best in the business thinks about the mental state needed to win — and keep winning — this one’s for you.

Runtime: 30 minutes

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