‘Red Bull Cascade’ Comp Blends Steez and Skill on 2-Mile Ski Course


“If you’re trying to win in competition you must focus on putting down a really technical run, and that kind of takes away the flow and creativity.” At least that’s what Bobby Brown, pro skier turned filmmaker, thinks. So, how do you add creativity back into technically oriented comps?

To answer that question, Brown teamed up with Red Bull to create “Cascade,” a 12-person event that combines muscular all-mountain skiing with technically challenging park-style features.

“We’re trying to make the in-between just as important as the big features. We want to open up the door for different riders to showcase their skills, whether it’s technical tricks or someone who rides more transitions and natural hits and looks at the mountain in a totally different way,” Brown said in an interview with Red Bull.

The 3-day event gets underway on April 20 at Winter Park in Colorado. Spectators are welcome on April 21 and 22 (from specific viewing areas).

In the meantime, satisfy yourself with the teaser vid on Red Bull’s website to get an idea of Brown’s vision. It’s a sweet one.

Runtime: 1 minute

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