Spring Ski Traverse of the White Mountains’ Presidential Range


Speaking for myself, it’s easy to forget that New England has mountains. 

Sure, they may not be the Colorado Rockies, but they offer plenty of opportunity for lonesome backcountry adventures, as the latest vid from ultrarunner Andrew Drummond makes clear. 

In his latest point-of-view style video, Drummond tackles the Presidential Range of the state’s White Mountains

“Aside from early winds, conditions allowed for efficient travel, sliding over rime, windslab, and everything in between,” he wrote of his latest vid. “It’s a bit of a puzzle to figure out the best method of travel across the ridgeline but landed on a combination of ski/boot crampons, skinning, and booting my way north to south. Would highly recommend this tour if the conditions are good, with the option of skipping several of the ski descents that are fickle.”

Runtime: 17 minutes

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